The Farmhouse Movement Magazine Issues 1-4

The Farmhouse Movement Magazine is now in it’s 5th edition and doing very well thanks to all you wonderful susbscribers!  We wanted to let you know you can still order issues 1-4 and we wanted to give you a peek inside.

Issue 2 March/April has lots of info on gardening with Farmer Mel a local Missourian. There’s also info on the lost art of setting a table, the basics of sewing and staying healthy and natural by avoiding synthetic fragrances just to give you some ideas. Each month we also highlight our featured farmhouse for inspiration and decorating ideas. (one of my faves!)

Issue 3 May/June  highlights the value of  handwwriting and penmanship, how to make a beautiful bed, natural nail polishes, a powerful home birth story and of course the featured farmhouse!

Issue 4  July/August brings relevant info concerning how to normalize a salad, avoiding plastic dishware and why, how to love people well and surprise..Doug’s Domain which regularly gives perspective on life from a man’s vantage point.

Issue 5  Sept/Oct is now available in stores so you will have to get it to see what’s inside! We hope you are loving your magazine subscription and we wanted to give you opportunity to get all the issues.

We hope this info helps and tickles your curiosity to get your missing issues! Again thank you for all your love and support for our new magazine Farmhouse Movement and for being part of a movement!



Time “Spent”

” Sometimes, in a summer morning, having taken my accustomed bath, I sat in my sunny doorway from sunrise till noon, rapt in a reverery, amidst  the pines and hickories, and sumachs, in undisturbed solitude and stillness, while the birds sing around or flitted noiseless through the house, until by the sun falling in at my west window, or the noise of some traveller’s wagon on the distant highway, I was reminded of the lapse of time.”  Henry David Thoreau

Can you actually imagine doing that in this day and age?  Henry David Thoreau, well loved American author, lived this life which is why he could write about it.  When we read this does it make us feel something?  It almost seems absurd in this day and age that we would  be able to have the time to “spend” time this way.  When reading this back over, we can almost visualize ourselves in the house, listening to the birds flutter through, looking at the trees and transposing ourselves into that scenario.  It seems peaceful, calm, still and sensible.  Do our souls crave more of this almost unimaginable existence or experience?  Can we truly justify getting up, taking a bath (not a shower), sitting alone (for all you moms and dads out there!) in your doorway until noon (what would the neighbors think?) and be totally unaware of the time until the sun was falling (not setting).  Oh my!  What a day that would be!  Honestly, how many could admit to a day like that?!  When have we even entertained the thought of eve Henry David Thoreau’sr embracing a day similiar to that?  Where do we even find an environment in this day and age that would provide such solitude, serenity and inactivity?  It seems unimaginable to most of us I’m sure!

When trying to even think about “spending” a day in solitude or in nature just sitting mindlessly we would probably see it as a “waste” of time.  It makes one wonder if  Henry David Thoreau’s  generation saw sitting,enjoying nature, peace, serenity and solitude as something normal and part of a rythym of life.  Are we missing it?  What happens to our minds, our souls and our bodies when we get in nature and take time out?  Do we not know the reality of this because it seems  so far from the world we live in, that it’s almost laughable to us?

There is so much competing for our time but; time is time.  Everyday we all have the same amount of it.  After reading  this passage of how Henry David Thoreau  chose to spend his time that day, does it make us think  for just a minute, of how time is spent?  Does it put a different spin on time for us?  Is time controlling us or are we controlling time if there is even such a thing!?  Is time its own entity; its own boss?  What is time and how do we view it?  How does it make us feel?  Does it make us anxious, relaxed, sad, happy or do we really not think about it too much?  After reading this, does it make us want to give more thought and attention to it?

Has time become something different compared to a hundred years ago?  Does it have the same elements as giving and taking?   Can we define it or capture it?  Does it have a place of importance and value in our lives?  Do we wrestle  with it and try to hold onto it or does it allude us never to return?  Does it come and go with regrets and/or anticipation?  Are we cognizant of its power  and space? What do we believe, think, interpret, or feel about the elusive time thing?  Can we explain time and its effects on our lives?  Are we allowing time to work for us, against us, with us or through us?  Is this something we even take “time” to think about or even let our minds peruse on?

So in actuality, now that  we’ve somewhat exhausted  this “time thing”, are we embracing our time in a “Henry David Thoreau” style or is it something of a foreign idea or thought?  Should we maybe just stop for a day, truly stop, and “command” our time if that is even possible?  Ask yourself, what would that look like and what effects on my life would that have?  We don’t know how much time we have, but we do know what we do know and that is; for this moment, I have THIS moment and hopefully many more to come.  The accumulation of moments adds up to time; time well “spent” or not.  Take your moments, add them up and “spend” them wisely!  Think on these things…

~  Jacqui Griffith

The Table, the Sacred Place

Each home is very different and some are simple and some are extravagant; but one thing remains, they all have a kitchen table.  Some tables are simple, some are extravagant.  Have you ever thought of the kitchen table to be considered a “Sacred Place?”   Most people don’t refer to the kitchen table as a “sacred place”, but when we re-think it a bit we may begin to reconsider this idea.

Sacred by definition, is an adjective which means; connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.  Also it means, regarded with great respect and reverence by a particular religion, group or individual. The Bible in Proverbs 9:2 quotes this verse;  “She has prepared her meat and mixed her wine, she has also set her table.” Prov.9:2 (Standard Version).

So what’s with the table?  Most families really don’t sit down and eat together too much anymore.  Ask yourself; when was the last time you actually set the table and ate together without cell phones, being rushed or having to be somewhere? Do we actually see the importance and value in sitting down together as a family.  Do we truly understand “The Table” or the “Sacred Place”?                                                                                                                                                                       The table has become secondary to drive -thru’s, fast food restaurants and microwave meals in which none require us to sit at a table.  We find ourselves and our children eating on the go or alone.  We are forfeiting table time as a place where we build relationships, and to impact the most important people in our lives.

The “Table” or the “Sacred Place”, if you will, is a truth that has existed literally since the beginning of time and has always been viewed as a place of primary importance to a family unit.  There is a never ending truth at the table even  when life changes and our own truth seems to change.  Time spent at the table is symbolic of people in our lives, present and not present.  It is symbolic of events, conversations, announcements, holidays and basically life just happening. It is a place of establishment. It creates memories, good and bad, and represents people coming and going in our lives.  It can be a special place where we call on the presence of God and have sacred moments at the “Sacred Table.”

Some benefits of gathering at the table and eating a meal together and keeping our families connected and healthy are astonishing!  Researchers like those from the American Psychological Association  have done studies showing families that eat together regularly, have much happier, stable lives.  Also, households with children, especially those with teens, usually have better relationships with their friends and teachers.  They have higher grades, stronger attendance, and seem more motivated to better themselves.  They are also less likely to “cave” to the pressures of drugs, sex and alcohol because they know they belong to a “tribe” that they will have to answer to.  In other words, the table creates community which helps them feel responsible to someone other than themselves;  this is created when we gather, eat, and share MANY times a week!  We know someone cares about us other than ourselves.  We are less likley to miss crucial moments with each other when we gather and commune regularly.  The “Sacred Table” can be so powerful!

It is interesting to pause and reflect on “the table.”  When you think about it a bit, it is a powerful place.  World rulers negotiate peace and war.  Marriages are negotiated to fail or heal, parents negotiate with teens and we gather as a family to determine destiny and make decisions.   When people gather at a table, body language is more intentional and precise and we tend to focus better on the situation at hand.

So in closing, I hope we have been able to bring an awareness to the table or the “Sacred  Place .” It is a place where so many things happen. (It  makes me understand better, that when someone dies, we usually want their kitchen table; especially if they were a positive,happy influence in our lives.) Thus goes the saying;  “If only this table could talk!”  A kitchen table (or sacred place if you will) is a place where:

  • Souls and minds are fed.
  • Conversations happen.
  • Life changing moments take place.
  • Emotions are shared.
  • Truths are revealed.
  • Manners are taught.
  • Friends are made.
  • People meet.
  • Board games are played.
  • Books are written.
  • Songs are sung.
  • Ideas are shared.
  • Great recipes are exchanged.
  • Compliments and criticisms are given.
  • God is honored and exalted.
  • Prayers are said.
  • Toasts are made.
  • Good and bad food is eaten.
  • Sharing and giving happens.
  • Manners are taught and practiced.
  • People fall in love.

What are your convictions about the kitchen table?  Is the kitchen table one of your “sacred places”, and if it wasn’t, is it now?  Do you now look at the kitchen table a little differently and as a powerful, impactful place for you and your loved ones?  Are you utilizing this “sacred place” to its full potential?  When you go home today, will you look at your grandmother’s or your grandfather’s kitchen table differently?


– Jacqui Griffith

The Farmhouse Movement Team

10 Nice Things

This has been one of the most powerful “things” I have ever done as a wife, mom and friend. Have you ever had a thought or a really “cool idea” that just seems to pop out of your “think tank”?   Sometimes it goes out into the abyss of nothingness, never to return or you actually capture it, tame it and hammer it into something tangible?  Well, ” 10 Nice Things” has become that “tangible” for me and many others; especially for my family.

Being the mom of four children, all two to three years apart, birthdays came often in our house; six a year to be exact including the parents. A wiser, older grandmother once said to me, “Jacqui, treat their birthdays as if it were a national holiday”.  I thought on that and I bought in. Birthdays can be a very special time, or a very difficult time for some parents who have suffered loss or disapointment. Birthing or adopting a child is nothing short of something absolutely miraculous and life changing.

The longer we journey on this earth and build a life, the closer we come to the end. Each year every “birth” day signifies something very relevant to many people and a bench mark to that journey. We buy a cake, open presents, sing, clap, blow out candles and cry (at least some of us). I find behavior at birthdays similar to that at funerals. We gather, we sing, we fold our hands and we cry (at least some of us). But one thing we seem to do different at funerals is we talk about that person. We honor them, we tell all about the good things but we don’t get to see their reaction to what we have to say. For most of us, we never get to tell them all the things we would like to say to them while they were alive. We assume they know, or we just never have an appropriate opportunity to “love on them” without it being really awkward or out of step. I mean, when do you intentionally “tell” them what they really mean to you?

Thus, comes the invention of you guessed it, “10 Nice Things”. It has a day, a time and rules. Yes, rules! You cannot do  “10 Nice Things” without playing by the rules. I give you my word, it will change the atmosphere of your home, your family’s relationships with one another, and what you thought you really, really knew. It is revelatory, emotional, somewhat uncomfortable and awkward, but oh so healing and POWERFUL! Words my friend, are oh so powerful! That’s what this truly is; the power of your words being downloaded into someone’s soul from your soul. That’s called “soul to soul”.


So, are you ready for how this whole thing actually looks? Okay, so here goes. . . Rule #1. The person being honored cannot speak the entire time ( we started with just birthdays, but my daughter recently did this at a baby shower and we did this at Father’s day). You choose the occasion. Rule #2. You reinforce Rule #1 no matter how antsy they get! Rule #3. Have a leader explain the rules and reinforce them! (Please don’t cheat and it’s important to encourage people to elaborate on the person being honored). This is where it gets real good! Trust me! Rule #4. Each person says “10 Nice Things” about the person being honored. For example, ” I love how you always think of others first” etc. What usually happens is people end up just putting “10 Nice Things” into a beautiful paraphrase of how they love/like that person.   Everyone usually just ends up in a big, bally, crying mess and we all laugh at how sappy we are in-between our tears. (Especially my one and only son, the biggest sap of all!) Crack me up! Rule #5. Let the honored person finally speak after everyone has shared; give them lots of time and if you have not cried by now, I promise you will. I just figure, hey why wait till we die to love one another in the moment we have – a tangible moment. Let’s take it, hammer it, hold it and give it!   “10 Nice Things” baby!!   The world needs more of this. I dare you! P.S. Let me know how it goes and tell me if you cry- and tell me true!  By the way….#1. I think you are a unique and beautiful one of a kind creation and there’s no one else just like you!  #2…  this one is on you…. all the way to 10! I bet you cry!!

– Jacqui

The Farmhouse Movement Team